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Add Fashion to your Custom Shirts With Collar & Cuffs Contrast

Contrasting collar dress shirt

One of the most attractive ways to add exclusiveness to your shirts is by integrating a contrast fabric to your Collar. Contrast collar shirts give an eye catching and unique appearance to your personality.

We are certain that you also belong to those men who have stripped pattern shirts in their closet, making a slight use of alteration using contrasting fabric will help you differentiate from the usual horde.

There are two ways of utilizing the concept of contrasting fabric which include inner and full contrast. Inner collar contrast means that an additional stratum of a unique fabric is sewn inside the collar. This is a very delicate approach as it attracts closer attention. Whereas full collar means that the complete collar is prepared of another fabric material. This intense effect is mainly successful among comparable color schemes.

The most renowned color used to attain the eye catching appearance is white contrasting collar with blue dress shirts. Similar to this you can design yours according to your personal preferences to demonstrate a stylish and unique appearance.

Guaranteed, you cannot find a better custom contrast collar shirt than at Cerise, a company that offers you all the attributes that every man wants in a custom dress shirt. Your 100% satisfaction is our main objective. We make sure to provide our customers with not only great quality but above all comfort which is the primary requirement. Without any uncertainty you can avail the opportunity of designing your contrasting collared shirts at Cerise.

To design your custom dress shirts, you do not need to make any efforts like you may do while shopping in the shopping malls and other clothing stores to find the right piece for yourself. Simply by selecting a fabric, color, design and measurements online, and you are done.

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