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Men's Pin Collar Dress Shirts

Collar Pins bars & Clasps

Stylish and Purposeful, shirts with pin collar is one of several styles offered for men. The main purpose of eyelet pin bar is dual: first the pin brings the collar tabs closer, making for an exclusive, attractive appearance and, second, the pin props up the knot of the tie which makes the necktie more noticeable. It's always great to wear ties with pin in collar. In addition, never wear a collar pin shirt without a tie. It looks ludicrous.

There are numerous styles of the pins including safety pin, dumbbell, bar, clip and many more available online. Selection must be made as per your personal desires or outfit requirement.

Wearing eyelet collar shirts adds a delicate touch of style which a simple pointed spread collar lacks. Some place between button down collar and winged collar, shirts exemplify elegance with pride. Wear it to the office or any formal settings or even on a date with your beloved woman. If you want to have your synchronized tie obtain more attention, then wearing a collar bar shirt is one of the ways to achieve a put-together appearance.

Consider a collar pin to be alike cufflinks which either come in a golden or a silver finish and the accurate finish must be selected to complement your attire. Now you must be wondering that which metal finish goes with what attire. Really it completely depends on your personal style which is assimilated and polished with effort and time.

piccadilly Round club Collar eyelet pin holes Dress Shirt piccadilly Round club Collar eyelet pin holes Dress Shirt

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