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Cancellation & Return Policy

The product photos accurately show what our dress shirts look like. As for the graphical images used in the shirt designer, we have made an effort to illustrate your shirt designs as close to what the finished dress shirts will look like as possible. However, these graphical images are for visualization only, especially as the colours vary in accordance with the quality of your computer screen. The products you receive may differ slightly from the images in the shirt designer.

The body measurements that you provide are slightly adjusted to the selected fit (slim, normal, or loose) during production. The shirt measurements that you provide are not adjusted during production, so the measurements of your new dress shirt should be the same as your original shirt, however, we can, of course, not guarantee that the seams and the design will be identical to your original shirt. Also, generally, please allow for 1.5 cm or 0.5 inches of measurement adjustments on the finished product.

We are continuously improving the quality of our fabrics. Consequently, shirts made from the same fabric but different rolls may vary a little due to normal variations in the processes of weaving and dyeing. This is the reason why sometimes two shirts can differ slightly, especially if they are ordered at different times.

If the measurements or design of your custom made product does not correspond with the order details or for any reason not mentioned above, we will offer you a new product free of charge or your money back. And in this case, ceriseshirts.com of course takes responsibility for the cost of return shipments, under the condition that you send with the cheapest shipping method possible. You are, as a customer, responsible for the information you provide us.

We make every effort to process the orders as fast as possible. As long as your order is not in production, you can change or cancel your order. To do this, please contact our customer service: info@ceriseshirts.com. We put a lot of emphasis on customer service, and although we review each case individually, we are obligated to inform you that in accordance with international laws there is no return or exchange on customizable items.

Returning or exchanging your dress shirt

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