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Robert I Gourvitz
Robert I Gourvitz
Cheif Stylist/Pattern Designer

Robert I Gourvitz Collar Dress Shirts

The Robert I Gourvitz collar is recommended for those who have oval, diamond or oblong shape faces. This elegant collar gives a dressier look and has an expressive flair.

If you haven't bought a few already, you've been missing out. You've seen these shirts on professional athletes and sports commentators on ESPN. The Robert Gourvitz collar dress shirt is similar to a pointed collar shirt except that the inside part of the collar is slightly round and flairs out towards the necktie knot. It is an ideal for men who have a sense of fashion forward style. This collar dress shirt features french cuffs, ready for your favorite cuff links, and is made of wrinkle resistant Poly/Cotton. These dress shirts are perfect if you are trying to dress in a mobster style that you would see in movies like "Goodfellas". So, if you want to dress like the Gangster style that you appreciate in that bold manner, try out some of these mobster style dress shirt selection here. We happily accept Group orders and Church Group orders.

The specifications of the Robert I Gourvitz Collar

It is basically curve point collar with the following specifications.
Robert I Gourvitz collar specs
  • 3 inches (7.62 cm) point length
  • 4-Spread Collar. The collar point corners are 10.1cm apart.
  • The special curve with a 10.1cm radius.
  • Zero or No tie-space
  • Crisp collar with soft fusing and removable collar stays.
Robert I Gourvitz Collar Shirt
Robert I Gourvitz Collar Shirt
Robert I Gourvitz
Robert I Gourvitz Collar Shirt

How to order Robert I Gourvitz Collar Shirts

The specialized shirts are made-to-order. The delivery time is around two weeks. You can either order pre-designed or custom made shirts with specific collar.

Pre-Designed Shirt Specifications

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