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Finest traditional custom dress shirts that flatter your looks

Why our custom shirts look better?

Over a decade of experience in quality craftsmanship and using best fabrics available to ensure that we provide you with an outstanding custom dress shirt, exactly the way you want - Every Time.   »  

How do we deliver perfect fit shirts?

Our experience, in making custom fit shirts for big and tall, hard to fit bodies, athletic fit and shorter men, have given us an edge in advanced pattern making techniques to give you the exact fit.   »  

Cotton Shirts

$46.50 to $99.50
Order 100% cotton single ply and 2ply shirts online.

Cotton/Polyester Blend Shirts

$46.50 to $79.90
Order pure cotton single ply and 2ply shirts online.

Why our custom dress shirts

Why go for least bad fit off the rack shirts, when you can have your own quality fitted custom made shirts in the same price. You get a freedom to select the various shirt styles and fabrics.
Our Guarantee
The same perfect fit,every time
Three week order turnaround
Satisfaction guaranteed
We can refund your money or remake your order

Who recommend our shirts?

We believe in word of mouth and earn the name by delivering best custom shirts. Ask our customers or read the cerise shirts reviews from independant sources over the internet.
Special fit & Types
Big & Tall Shirts
Shorter Men Shirts
Odd bodies/hard to fit shirts
Atheletic fit shirts

Men's Bespoke Dress Shirts Online - Custom Design and Fit

Mens's bespoke shirts are custom-tailored with the buyer having total control over the choice of fabrics, styles and fit. With our combination of master craftsmanship and software we are able to assess the information you provide and create the bespoke shirt tailored to your specifications. We put you in charge of customizing each and every aspect of your fit dress shirt online in order to come up with a truly unique design!

Men's custom shirt styles

Custom Fitted Dress Shirts

Custom fitted Dress ShirtsA dress shirt that enhances your figure and make you look smarter is the perfect fitted shirt. Custom fit shirts make you feel relaxed as well as astute.

Slim fit shirts & Trim cut shirts

Custom slim fit shirts Our slim fit shirts are neither very astringent nor too gratis in movements with your body. The trim fit shirts look nice on a trim physique.

Custom tailored Shirts

custom tailored shirts Shirts tailor to your physique are as unique fit as you are online. Tailoring has made it possible to customize your dress shirts at the ease of being home.

Custom Made Dress Shirts

custom made shirts Custom made shirts are made to as per measurements and give a perfect look with minimum possible efforts. Tailor made shirts can make a perfect piece of clothing that will suit you impeccably.

Custom Shirts for Women

shirts for women Cerise wonderfully creates custom dress shirts for women with fine quality that provides a flattering and comfortable fitting. Career oriented and fashion-savvy women can benefits from our stylish dress shirts selection.

Custom Shirts for Men

shirts for men Perfectly stitched custom men shirts represents the sense of style on your part. Custom dress shirts for men are exclusively cut and design to fit you. Cerise offers you are hassle free online experience to order men's shirts.

Custom Tuxedo Shirts

mens custom tuxedo shirts The pleated tuxedo shirts with wing collar and bow tie give a flattering look for gala and ceremonial occasions. White and black Custom tuxedo shirts applaud your appearance in formal setting.

Athletic Cut Dress Shirts

Athletic Fit shirtsWe tailor the athletic fit shirts that are more tapered cut to give your broad shoulders and smaller waist an attractive experience and shows off the well found body structure.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short sleeve shirts Short sleeve and sleeve-less shirts makes you stylish with the ease of comfort in summer. Casual shirts and work shirts are notmally made half sleeve to give the flexibility of movement and save from heat.


Available custom shirts options

Spread Collar Shirt

Spread collar shirts Shirt collars have variable spread which expand outward from narrow point, spread medium spread, average spread, English spread, modified spread, wide spread, extreme wide spread, cutaway and extreme cutaway spreads.

Pin Collar Shirt

Pin Collar Shirts Stylish and purposeful, pin serves the purpose of making collar more attractive and props up the knot of neck tie more ludicrous. From old style clip and safety pins to new dumbbell shaped pins on shirts exemplify elegance with pride.

Wing Collar Shirt

Wing collar shirts Wing collar Tuxedo shirts make their place on red carpet receptions for celebrities and Oscars. Wing shirts with square French cuffs and contrasting cufflinks make you appear as a most dashing on luxurious occasions.

Tab Collar Shirts

Tab Collar Shirts Season independent tab collar shirt are closet essential. The fabulous Tab collar dress shirts cause a great look and a perfect gift for loved ones.

High Collar Shirts

High Collar shirts Two button high collar shirts are a must have for trendy wardrobe. Big collar are a large collar shirts classify refined Italian sophisticated look with long necks.

Banded Collar Shirts

Band Collar shirts Mens custom band collar shirts are a lucky coupon to demonstrate a more stylish statements. Clerical shirts, pastor's shirts, cadet shirts and Mandarin collars shirts are essentially band collar shirts.

Pat Riley Collar Shirts

Pat Riley collar shirts The stylish curve point collar by duke of Windsor is more pronounced by Pat Rely bestows a great presence of century. Custom Pat-Riley shirts are best suited to the once with oval, oblong and diamond shaped faces.

Round Collar Dress Shirt

round collar shirts Rounded collar shirts are a great example of masculine emulation for the sake of classic men folk's appearance. The round collar dress shirts appear best on thin or skinny faces and works best with dumbbell pins.

Cutaway Collar Dress Shirts

Cut-Away collar Custom cutaway collar shirts at a smarter touch to men's suits. It is a stylish and fashionable option for men's custom shirts making the whole tie knot noticeable. Extreme cutaway collar shirts are well suited to men with long faces.

Mandarin Collar Shirt

Mandarin collars shirts Contrasting Mandarin shirts are mainly enthused from the oriental style of fashion. The synonymous are Cadet are Chinese collar shirts and very akin to Nehru collar. It is the distinctive trait of contemporary band collar suitable for both men and women shirts.

Contrasting & White Collar Shirts

custom contrast shirt collars Make an executive look, like a banker, with white collar shirts. Adding contrast color fabric at inner or outer side add exclusive eye-catching appearance. The intense effect is successful among contrasting color scheme.

Button Down Collar Shirt

Button down shirts Data more inviting and attractive appeal with Custom Button Down shirts incorporate community culture or to relax environment. Button down and Hidden Button down shirts are less crunchy, do not give fuss appearance and best suitable for causal hangouts.

Custom French Cuff Dress Shirts

French cuff shirtsCreate a style statement by wearing a French cuff shirt with modern looking cuff links. Types of French cuff shirts we offer are: Angled, Inverted Angled, Round, Square and Cut-away French cuff shirts.

Barrel Cuff shirts

Barrel cuff shirts Barrel cuff shirts come in plain, one button, two button, French, Italian tab, envelope, cocktail and cutaway cuffs. It is a modern, functional and can have angled, rounded, square and cutaway corners.

Double Cuff Shirts

Double cuff dress shirt Double cuff shirts with silk knots or cuffs links emits more luxurious and sophisticated looks. French cuff, cocktail cuff shirts are example of double cuff shirts.

Monogrammed Shirts

Monogrammed Dress Shirts A Peace of embroidery that initials personalize a modern look. Monogrammed dress shirts demonstrate an exclusive appearance. The monogram on your shirts can have decent combinations of colors and styles .